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Kurzweil K2700


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88-key, fully-weighted action with velocity and pressure (aftertouch) sensitive adjustable keys

The Kurzweil K2700 – The Evolution of the Legendary K2 Series Workstations!

4.5 Gigabytes of Factory Sounds - The K2700 serves up a deep sound library of over 1500 factory Programs and over 700 Multi combinations organized into 13 instrument categories ranging from Pianos to Synths to Orchestral sounds and more, featuring our optimized unlooped German D, Japanese C7 and Triple Strike pianos, Classic Tine EPs ('73 & '77), plus updated sounds from our popular SP6, PC3/4, and KORE64 expansion.

256 Voices of V.A.S.T. Polyphony

Flash-Play® provides the K2700 with a staggering amount of horse-power. Up to 8 GB total capacity with zero-loading time, and ultrafast performance.

Load up to 3.5 GB of your own custom samples into non-volatile flash memory. Supported sample formats: .WAV, .AIF (up to 16 bit / 96kHz) and Kurzweil formats (.FOR, .PC4, .P3K, .KRZ, .K25, .K26).

Virtual Analog - Embedded within the K2700 are powerful anti-aliasing, power-shaped oscillators along with DSP processing from Kurzweil’s mythical VA1 concept synth, capable of delivering authentic analog emulations as well as incredibly complex new sounds.

KB3 ToneReal™ Organs - Modeled after classic organs. A full complement of tonewheel controls are immediately accessible including 9 realistic drawbars, rotary speed, chorus/vibrato, brake, percussion and more.


88-key, fully-weighted action with velocity and pressure (aftertouch) sensitive adjustable keys (Fatar TP/40L)


480 x 272 pixel high resolution color LCD with adjustable brightness


256 voice polyphony, dynamically allocated


16 parts (one per MIDI channel)


Dynamic VAST: powerful synthesis engine, with user programmable DSP algs and routing.

Cascade Mode: Route one layer through the DSP of any other layer within a program – up to 32 consecutive layers deep.

KB3 ToneReel Engine, 6-Operator FM Engine, VA1 Virtual Analog Oscillators + DSP

Sample Flash:

4.5 GB factory samples, 3.5 GB of re-loadable, non-volatile, user flash memory

Factory Programs:

1500+, Kurzweil String Resonance

User Programs:


Factory Multis:

700+ (up to 16 independent controller zones)

User Multis:



Over 1000 complex effect chains, incorporated into programs featuring our award winning effects – reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, rotary speaker simulators, compressors, and more

32 total FX units

Master EQ/Compressor


Monopressure (aftertouch), 1 pitch wheel, 1 assignable modulation wheel, 1 assignable ribbon controller, 9 assignable sliders, 9 assignable knobs, 10 assignable buttons, 16 assignable velocity sensitive pads, 2 transpose switches, tap tempo button and tempo knob, Arp controls, transport controls

2 switch pedal inputs each supporting single switch pedal or single half damper pedal (1 switch/sustain pedal is included; half-damper pedals sold separately)

2 continuous control pedal inputs


16 Tracks; 960 PPQ resolution. Song editing functions include both event and track-based tools like quantize, swing, remap, controller scaling and more.

MIDI CC Step Sequencers: 16 simultaneous


16-per Multi


1-per Program, 16-per Multi

Analog Outputs:

Four (2 pairs) 1/4" balanced TRS analog (32-bit DACs), Automatic mono switching on main outs.

Audio Inputs:

2 combination 1/4"/XLR jacks (one stereo pair) accepting Line/Instrument/Microphone level signals.

Dedicated Gain knobs, Hi-Z switch for electric guitar/bass, and +48V Phantom Power switch for Microphones.


1 back panel 1/4" headphone output


In, Out


Stereo audio in/out over USB

Complete MIDI functionality over USB

Play and control the K2700 with a USB MIDI controller (USB host functionality)

User Object file transfer to/from USB Flash Drive

Free Operating System updates from USB Flash Drive

Software Editors:

External editors for Mac OS X, Windows PC and iOS devices

Included Accessories:

Power cable, Switch pedal, USB cable


Height: 5.5", Depth: 15.5", Length: 51", Weight: 52 lbs

All specifications subject to change without notice.

View more information about the Kurzweil K2700, listen to audio samples and view more videos.

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