Restored Pianos

Steinway & Sons D

  • Victorian Style
  • Rosewood Satin
  • 8'11.5"
  • Serial #46240
  • 1881
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Restoration: New Swiss Spruce soundboard, pinblock, German wire strings, tuning pins, Rock Maple bridge caps, key bushings, action felts, Steinway damper felts, Renner back-action for Steinway, Renner backchecks for Steinway, Renner hammer-shanks for Steinway and Steinway D hammers.

Less than 500 Centennial concert grands were built by Steinway & Sons. The first was built in 1876 to commemorate 100 years adoption of the Declaration of Independence. This edition of the pianos were made until the early 1880's.

These pianos have a special design which incorporates a 3rd bass bridge and were designed to compete in the 1876 World's Fair which took place in Philadelphia. You won't see this on any other model. The first art cases were originally in the Rococo style with ornate carvings and scrolled legs.

The original legs and music desk to this piano have been lost over the years and the legs and music desk have been replaced. However, the rosewood veneer on the case is intact and beautiful, and the restoration has been done to maintain the original specs from 1881.

Full 5-year Reeder Piano Warranty

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