Restored Pianos

Steinway & Sons C

  • Rococo Style
  • Rosewood Satin
  • 7'4"
  • Serial #31871
  • 1875
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This is an historical piano in the Steinawy history of piano making. It has an open pinblock, a less ornate harp and older style action mechanism. It also is an 85-note instrument with a narrow tail, with no sostenuto pedal. Pianos of this era are a bit harder to come by and require much technical skill in restoration as the construction and design are quite different than the modern piano.

It appears that someone restored it in 1964, and at that time it was painted white with gold accents and the ivory keys were also replaced. It is apparent that the soundobard, strings, and bridges were also replaced, as were the hammers.

This piano needs a total restoration that would bring it back to its original wood finish and functionality. At this point, the piano has been dissassembled. The finish will need to be removed to ensure that the veneer underneath the white paint is undamaged and can be refinished back to the original rosewood.

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