Restored Pianos

Steinway & Sons B

  • Walnut Satin
  • 6'11"
  • Serial #240427
  • 1926
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This piano is significant in an historical perspective in Michigan and the auto industry. It was a special design, commissioned by the Fischer family estate in 1926 to match their home decor. It features carvings on the case, double legs which attach to the pedal lyre in the front, and a matching bench.

This piano has been restored both by Reeder Pianos and a Detroit Piano Technician but will undergo complete reconditioning at Reeder Pianos soon. 1926 was a good era for Steinway, and their construction and design of their instruments at this time were second to none.

In 2008, Reeder Pianos put in a new spruce soundboard, pinblock, rock maple bridge caps, and refinished the plate. We also, did some finish repair and touch-up work. Key work, installation of new hammer-shanks, whippens, hammers, action felts, key bushings, and regulation was done by the Detroit area technician.

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