New Pianos

Mason & Hamlin VX Series CC

9'4" Concert Grand Piano

The Mason & Hamlin Virtuoso X Series represents the pinnacle of over 165 years of craftsmanship, innovation, and technology. Designed for the highest degree of performance, the VX Series' innovations create an instrument with unprecedented levels of power, sustain, and sound through pioneering design and masterful artistry. Our expert craftsmen proudly handcraft each piano from beginning to finish in the USA.

Distinguished by a massive new rim design with a wide body, a new oversized Apex Soundboard, and dual Tension Resonators, the VX Model CC is expressly engineered to stand apart.

Apex Soundboard

Our soundboard has been completely redesigned and reimagined in the Apex Soundboard. This incredible achievement redefines what power and sustain mean in Concert Grand Pianos via Center Dynamic Taper and Full-Cut Ribs.

Center Dynamic Taper

Beginning in the center of the soundboard and moving outward to the edges, the Apex Soundboard’s thickness is dynamically tapered to project the greatest tone possible.

Full-Cut Ribs

The Apex Soundboard's 18 Full-Cut Ribs are precisely tailored to create, reinforce, and preserve the curvature and crown of the soundboard for unparalleled longevity and performance.

VX Acoustic Tone Bar

The VX Series' Acoustic Tone Bar shapes the soundboard to create a perfectly centered bridge placement, transferring pure power and tone from the strings to the soundboard.


Enhancing sustain and bell-like tone, the V-Bar (or Capo D'Astro Bar) has been redesigned with a sharper angle and more mass to create a clearer, more resonant treble.

VX Series WNG Composite Action

The VX Series Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Action is exclusively engineered and calibrated with a new half-stroke geometry by our top technicians to reduce friction to the absolute minimum in order to deliver unparalleled control, ease of play, and immediate response for the concert pianist.


Ebony Polish (pictured)

Ebony Satin (pictured)

Mahogany Polish

Walnut polish

Rosewood polish

Bubinga Polish

Makassar Ebony Polish

Pyramid Mahogany Polish

Soundboard: Quarter-Sawn Solid Eastern White Spruce

Soundboard Area: Sq. In. 3,429.4

Ribs: Quarter-Sawn Suger Pine, Multi-Radius Cut Crown, Tapered

Rim: 23-Ply Flat-Sawn Hard Rock Maple

Pinblock: 7-Ply Quarter-Sawn Maple

Bridges: Vertically Laminated, Bent, Flat-Sawn Maple

Plate: Cast Iron - Full Perimeter Design

Hammer & Damper Action: Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Action

Keyset: German White Spruce with WNG Keypins & Capstans

VX Action Features: Half stroke design for all notes, with touch tailered for concert artists

Warranty: 5-year Limited

Length: 9'4"

Width: 61.5"

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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