New Pianos

Supreme Row

Customize your Blüthner Piano

Adorning your piano is a personal expression.

All that you see, you may decorate. Vibrant colors, metallic finishes, and detailed artwork compliment traditional, historical, modern and even transparent design forms. Wood veneer or air brush effects can cover nearly any piece. The Blüthner craftsmen are masters of the traditional and the modern alike. From stately veneers and hand-carved marquetry to the most innovative and modern creative forms, Blüthner will help you realize your aesthetic vision, always with the world-class performance of the Blüthner Golden Tone.

Customizing the Classic or Supréme Blüthner Grand

The traditional wooden case of a Blüthner grand piano offers ample opportinities for designs, customization and new creations.

Design your Blüthner Grand

QV Arm
Luxurious Hand-Carved Details
Gold Leaf
Gold Leaf Applique
Accents that Draw the Eye
Inlays: Drawing in Wood and Metal
JB Music Desk
Historic Music Desk Options
In Pursuit of the Finest Wood Grain

Customizing the Blüthner Crystal Edition

Here are just a few of the elements that are customizable.

Customizing the Blüthner PH Grand

Here are just a few of the elements that are customizable.

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