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Regulation4 Hammers
The Process

By properly adjusting all the moving parts, the piano regulation process will give the piano responsiveness to the touch, even and precise control. Great care is given to be sure that all specifications are fulfilled. This process is often repeated up to three times.


The quality of hammer is critical for bringing out the instrument's most beautiful tone. Only the highest quality available hammers with long-grain wool fibers are used. Our suppliers are from the US and Germany.


After installation and action regulation, a meticulous voicing of the hammers is completed. This process, involving softening and/or hardening of the hammers, brings out the full tonal beauty and resonance of the instrument.


One can be assured that our craft-persons take great pride in their piano restoration work, and that the proper repairs are completely and carefully made.

Upon completion each piano is assembled and inspected to insure that all aspects of the piano restoration are perfect.

Piano Restoration Process 6

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