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Bridges Strings
The Process

The bridges of the piano are not only a medium to transfer string energy to the soundboard, they also keep the strings stable. To handle the pressure of the strings, the bridges must be made of the hardest possible wood.

Bridges are recapped with rock maple wood, cut from high quality straight grain planks. They are hand chiseled for a precise determination point for string positioning.

Cast Iron Frame

The strings are attached to the cast-iron frame. Therefore the frame must withstand approximately 20 tons of string tension. Great care in handling and storing the frame is maintained until it is reinstalled into the piano casing just prior to stringing.

The frame is carefully sanded, undercoated, rebronzed and hand lettered. The agraffes are removed, cleaned and carefully inspected for defects and damage before installing. Defective agraffes are replaced.


The final phase of the inside piano rebuilding process is the stringing of the piano. The finest German Roslau steel strings are used. The bass strings are duplicated to the accurate specifications required by each instrument.

Piano Restoration Process 4

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