Pre-Owned Pianos

Weber Grand

  • Cherry Satin
  • 4'8"
  • Serial #97924
  • 1962
  • bench included
$4,195.00 As-Is

This cherry polish 4'8" baby grand has all original parts. The case is a Queen Anne furniture style, without fading or damage. This is a sweet little piano for the beginner pianist.

This piano was built in the USA under the ownership of the Aeolian Piano Co. It is has the wear and tear of a 1962 instrument, but is playable and will hold its tune. It will be tuned before delivery to your home, however it is being sold as-is.

Weber Piano History

The original Weber piano is another American made instrument that began in New York by a German immigrant who built a name for himself in the world of piano making. The piano company stayed in the family for 50 years, and then was sold to a larger company, Aeolian, who seemed to be buying many of the American piano manufacturing companies at that time. Weber continued to be made as part of this company until 1986 when the name was purchased by the Korean piano manufacturer, Young Chang. Today, Weber pianos are still made in Korea and China under control of the Young Chang company.

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