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Steinway & Sons

  • Ebony Satin
  • 42" Console
  • Serial #354376
  • 1956
  • bench included
$4,900.00 $34,300.00 New

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This Steinway & Sons Ebony satin 42" console upright piano was manufactured in 1956. We can track it's history as far back to 1989, when it was purchased from a local music store here in Michigan. It was well cared for in a home until recently when we took it in for resale.

We have inspected and reconditioned this piano, which included:

  • Resurfacing the Hammers
  • Aligning the Hammers to the Strings
  • Leveling Keys, Adjusting the Key Dip
  • Adjusting the Let-Off & Back Checks
  • Cleaning the Strings & Soundboard
  • Polishing the Key Tops
  • Tightening All the Action Screws
  • Re-Pinning & Replacing Felts as Needed
  • Tuning
  • Case & Parts Finish Refreshing & Rub-out

We back our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.

The soundboard is in good shape, the pins are tight and the bridges show no cracks. With our recent resurfacing of the hammers and regulation, you will enjoy this piano for many more years to come. This classy piano will fit into your music studio or living room very beautifully.

Today, a brand new Ebony satin Steinway of this size costs $34,300 - here is your chance to have a lovely and affordable Steinway piano in your home or music studio!

Steinway History

Steinway & Sons was established in Manhattan in New York in 1853 by Heinrich Steinweg, a German piano maker who immigrated from Germany in 1850. The company has grown to be one of the most prominent piano manufacturing companies today, has won numerous awards, and is perhaps the most recognized name in the world of pianos today.

Although the piano company is no longer run by Mr. Steinweg's descendants, the piano continues to be manufactured in New York. Today the company has branched out to include the Boston and the Essex pianos which are made in Japan (Boston) and China (Essex).

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