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Steinway & Sons L

  • Ebony Satin
  • 5'10"
  • Serial #243991
  • 1926
  • bench included
$6,500.00 $85,800.00

**Free Local Shipping (please call for out of area cost)**

This Ebony satin Steinway & Sons model L is 5'10" and has "window pane" or Tiffany style legs. You can choose from either a matching or artist bench. It has been in the home of a couple in south-western Michigan for the past several years, and was joyfully used as a family piano for practice and enjoyment.

This piano is for sale as-is, but will require restoration for it to regain its Steinway glory. The case has been refinished in the past, though not by RPI.

If you would like a wonderful restored Steinway, we would love to put this piano into our restoration line-up today - at a preferred customer price.

A restored instrument will receive:

  • New Swiss Spuce Soundboard
  • New Pinblock
  • New German wire Strings
  • New Renner for Steinway Action Parts
  • New Steinway or German Weickert-Felt Hammers
  • Hard Rock Maple Recapped Bridges
  • Refinished Case with Lacquer Finish

This would be a great opportunity! A new Steinway of this size sells for $85,800.00, here is your chance to get a Steinway piano at a great price!

Steinway History

Steinway & Sons was established in Manhattan in New York in 1853 by Heinrich Steinweg, a German piano maker who immigrated from Germany in 1850. The company has grown to be one of the most prominent piano manufacturing companies today, has won numerous awards, and is perhaps the most recognized name in the world of pianos today. You will not regret having this piano to enjoy for years to come!

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