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Schiller P113

  • Cherry Polish
  • 45" Studio
  • Serial #10311
  • 2009
  • bench included
$3,992.00 $4,990.00 Spring Sale

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Built in 2009, this Cherry polish Schiller studio upright, model P113 was sold by RPI and remained in one home, well taken care of and used by a church pianist. Having serviced this piano since its purchase, and inspected it once it came back for resale, we can attest to its like-new condition. Like all pre-owned instruments, this piano has been reconditioned by RPI which included:

  • Hammer Resurfacing
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Tightening Action Screws
  • Leveling the Keys
  • Adjusting the Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings
  • Polishing the Keytops
  • Cleaning Both Inside & Out
  • Adjusting the Pedals
  • Tuning
  • Polishing the Case As Needed

We guarentee our work with a 2-year mechanical warranty.

New Irmler Europe pianos of this size and finish cost around $9400. This is a special piano with a wonderful history of excellent sound and quality parts. You will not be disappointed with this pre-owned piano.

Schiller Piano History

The Schiller piano company was founded in 1890 in Oregon, Illinois, and was also known as the Conover Square. It remained in operation until 1971, and during that time produced several pianos with various names. The Schiller remained its top quality piano.

In 2005 to 2009, the Schiller was manufactured as a sister brand to the Irmler Europe piano, produced by the Blüthner Piano Company out of Leipzig, Germany. These pianos were made in eastern Europe and shipped to the Blüthner factory in Germany for installation of German made action parts and for quality control.

Though you may find the Schiller piano name on new pianos today, the Blüthner piano company no longer makes pianos with this name.

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