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PianoDisc Opus7

Extreme multi-media for the piano, Opus7 is a cutting-edge wireless system that not only plays your piano with breathtaking accuracy and artistry but also connects to the Internet, opening a world of possibilities.

The Ultimate Piano Performance - Opus7 is the new standard for player piano technology. Now as never before, this advanced player system brings the world's finest piano performances to your piano. Dynamic. Breathtaking. Live. Plus, this exciting new technology turns your piano into a sophisticated home entertainment system with an astounding line-up of features and benefits including Internet connectivity.

Opus7 is the invisible system - all of its electronics are hidden within the piano. With Opus7, there's nothing to spoil the beauty and classic lines of your instrument.

A wireless, touchscreen conductor tablet allows full control of Opus7. This lightweight and user-friendly device lets you control Opus7 from any room in your home - even through walls! (Results may vary depending on environmental conditions.) Opus7's flexible architecture lets you chose the interface you see on the screen: the elegant Flash, or the speedy, simple HTML. You can operate your piano with a PDA, desktop, notebook and other web-enabled devices.

Opus7 is Internet-ready for broadband users (not all broadband connections are supported) to surf the web, receive mail, check stocks or download music from remote locations. You can also download music from PianoDisc.com and receive software upgrades automatically to your system when it's not in use.

With its built-in wireless network access, Opus7 can connect to a variety of network-enabled devices. With this feature, the user interface is accessible from any compatible PC, Macintosh or network appliance. MX3 is accessible from networked PC or Macintosh computers.

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