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Feurich 190

  • Ebony Polish
  • 6'3"
  • Serial #73180
  • 1986
  • bench included
$27,710.00 $32,600.00 Spring Sale

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This German made Feurich 6'3" Ebony polish grand, model 190 was built in 1986 in the Bechstein piano company in Langlau. It comes with an artist bench and cover.

This piano was sold by Reeder Pianos as new, and has now returned to be enjoyed by a new owner. It has been in the same home for the duration of its life, and is in excellent condition aside from cosmetic damage to the finish. The craftsmanship of this piano is indicative of hand-crafted German precision. The tone is warm and melodic, with a strong bass, but a very controllable dynamic range. It is a lovely instrument.

It has been fully reconditioned and regulated by our technicians, with special care to clean up the bass tonally and bring out a clear tone. Cosmetically, the finish has some cracking in the polyester finish (see pictures). Regardless of the cracking, it has a beautiful art case that has been polished. It comes with an adjustable matching bench. Regulation included:

  • Resurfacing the Hammers
  • Aligning Hammers to Strings
  • Leveling Keys, Adjusting Key Dip
  • Adjusting Let-off and Backchecks
  • Cleaning the Strings & Soundboard
  • Polishing the Keytops
  • Tightening All the Action Screws
  • Tuning and Voicing
  • Case Polishing
  • Polishing brass hardware

Included in the purchase of this instrument is a 2-year mechanical warranty and basic delivery.

Feurich Piano History

Julius Feurich founded his piano manufacturing company in 1851 in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig was, and still is a major music city of the world, with particular interest in piano manufacturing and classical music. By 1911 the company was established as a major European piano manufacturer, and this lasted until WWII. Unwilling to be nationalized like so many other companies in East Germany, the company relocated to Mittelfranken and experienced continued growth in its new location. During this time, the company was acquired by the Bechstein piano company, and production once again moved, this time to Langlau, West Germany.

With changing times and ownership, Feurich relocated again to Gunzenhausen, and the Feurich family once again owned the company by 1994. During this time, the piano was produced in partnership with Rönish and Stienbauer in their repective factories until 2003.

From 2003-2008 the company partnered with the Hailun Piano Company in China, where the piano was produced under strict quality control and with modern manufacturing techniques in China. Finally, by 2011, it was sold to Wendl & Lung of Vienna, Austria, and in 2016, production began once again in Europe, this time in Vienna, while maintaining its production in Ningbo, China.

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