Pre-Owned Pianos

Baldwin SD6

  • Ebony Satin
  • 9' Concert Grand
  • Serial #129589
  • 1955
  • bench included

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This 1955 ebony satin Baldwin SD6 concert grand piano was completely restored by RPI in 2010 and was with one owner for the last 10 years. It was in a large home, and very well loved and cared for. It is now back because of a downsizing and ready for a new home.

The restoration in 2010 included the following:

  • Hardware: Clean and Polish
  • Refinishing: Refinish Ebony Satin
  • Pinblock: Replace
  • Soundboard: Replace, Solid Spruce
  • Bass Bridge: Recap, Maple
  • Treble Bridge: Recap, Maple
  • Plate: Refinish
  • Strings/Pins: Replace All
  • Pedals/Trapwork: Rework System
  • Key Bed: Clean and Level
  • Tops - Naturals: Replace Tops
  • Tops - Sharps: Reshape and Seal
  • Bushings: Replace Front and Balance
  • Action Frame: Clean
  • Key Frame Felts: Replace All
  • Key End Felts: Replace
  • Damper Felts: Replace
  • Damper Heads & Wires: Clean
  • Damper Guides: Rebush
  • Underleaver/Flanges: Clean rework felts & springs as needed
  • Sostenuto System: Clean, Install, Adjust
  • Let-off Button Felts: Replace
  • Capstan Felts: Replace
  • Hammers: Replace
  • Shanks and Flanges: Replace
  • Whippens: Replace
  • Back-Checks: Replace
  • Weigh Off Key Sticks
  • Full Regulation

Now that it is back, the finish has been refreshed and the action fully regulated again, including tuning and voicing. It is eligible for a 2-year mechanical warranty and basic delivery is included.

The Baldwin company no longer makes a concert grand piano - but you can buy this piano for a great price, and it will last for many years to come.

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